Tips For a Successful Moving Day

Some Tricks of the Hauling Service Trade

Everyone who has ever moved house knows the chaos that can occur on the day the move actually takes place. There are boxes everywhere, some sealed but others open and spilling contents in all directions; the furniture is all in the wrong place, and you keep walking into chairs that don’t belong where they are. You know that, gradually, order will be restored and this chaos will resolve itself into your new home, but there seems so much still to do. Professionals in the hauling service industry know that there are a couple of simple tricks that can make your life very much easier when it comes to unpacking into your new home.

As you might guess, one of the most important things to do before your local hauling service arrives is to be very organized when you are packing boxes. Think of where all your belongings are intended to go in your new home, and pack the boxes so that each box only contains items for one room at the new house. This will make unpacking very much easier as it cuts down the amount of time you spend transferring things from one room to another. While we are on the subject of boxes, it is very important that all boxes are very clearly labeled with their destination room and that you keep meticulous records of the contents of each box.

One of the great frustrations when you are moving is that you have to dismantle so many items for transport by the hauling service. Apart from the amount of time this consumes, there is always the frustration of not being able to reassemble these items later, because some of the screws or fastenings have disappeared even though you know you put them in a particular box. If you invest a couple of dollars in rolls of plastic food bags and food labels, you can put all the fastenings from one item into a bag as you carry out the dismantling. Immediately write a label to stick on the outside of the bag ,and then use the wire tag to both seal the bag and to attach it to a suitable part of your dismantled item. This way, your bag of fastenings should stay with your dismantled item; if, by any chance, it comes adrift, it can be reunited easily as it is clearly labeled.

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