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Residential Clean-Out Commercial Clean-Out Appliances Equipment Miscellaneous
Estates Evictions Refrigerators, freezers, and ice makers Exercise equipment Vehicles – auto, boats, motorcycles, ATV’s
Attics Office Movers Ovens and microwaves Bicycles Tires
Basements Going Out of Business Stoves and cooktops Typewriters
Garages Storage Units Gas and charcoal grills Sewing Machines
Spare Rooms Property Damage Dishwashers Vacuum Cleaners
Storage Units Trash compactors Coffee and espresso makers
Washers and dryers Power tools
Air Conditioners and space heaters Doctor and office equipment
Water heaters and softeners
(De)Humidifiers and air purifiers


Electronics Furniture Yard Waste Building Materials Fixtures
Computers, laptops, and tablets Sofas, recliners, chairs, and ottomans Leaves and grass clippings Wood, lumber, and railroad ties Bathtubs and hot tubs
Keyboards and mice Sleeper sofas and futons Fence clearing Sheet metal and venting Sinks
Monitors, televisions and scanners Tables and chairs Brush Stone, rocks, bricks, and concrete Toilets
Printers, fax machines, and cell phones Bed frames, box springs, and mattresses Thorny plants and bushes Asphalt Counter and cabinets
Cash registers Cabinets, hutches, armoires, and dressers Weeds and vines (even poison ivy and poison oak) Drywall and plaster Lighting
VCR’s and DVD players Desks and cubicles Tree Branches and limbs Aluminum and vinyl siding Carpet, padding, tack strips, subflooring, and baseboards
Stereos and speakers Bookcases Wood chips Pipes Fences
Game consoles Filing Cabinets Acorns, hedge apples, gumballs, and other droppings Glass
Video Cameras Lamps Wires and cables
Nails, spikes, screws, and fasteners
Dirt and sand


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